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I'll Show Them Who's Boss - Series 1 and 2
 I'll Show The Who's Boss Season 1&2 I'll Show Them Who's Boss - Series 1 and 2
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4 x DVD Set presented in a quad DVD case with full colour artwork and printed discs (please see photo).

Includes all 10 episodes from the Series 1 and 2 .

Ep 1: Arsenic And Old Lace;
Ep 2: Too Hot To Handle;
Ep 3: Splitting Heirs;
Ep 4: To The Manner Born

2003 - Certificate: UC
Content: 4 x 40 mins
Media Type: VHS

Ep 1: Soap Opera;
Ep 2: Sleeping Partners;
Ep 3: Born to Rule;
Ep 4: Tyred Out;
Ep 5: Spilt Ends;
Ep 6: Checking Out

2004 - Certificate: UC
Content: 6 x 40 mins
Media Type: VHS


Series 1 

Gerry Robinson is notorious for transforming vast companies by sacking the bosses. He’s run everything from Coca Cola to the Granada Media Empire, and he took the International Forte Hotel Chain away from the Forte family in one the bloodiest take-over battles in British business. Robinson shares his international business genius with companies who are crucially in need of help. When it comes to running a successful business, Robinson says that it''s vital to have the right person at the top and to have an unbeatable business strategy.

Episode 1: Arsenic And Old Lace
Gerry tackles a father-and-son team behind Britain’s biggest lace dyer. The Nottinghamshire business is struggling and their workers don’t like the owners. Gerry confronts the bosses with some harsh truths and heads soon start to roll.

Episode 2: Too Hot To Handle
Gerry takes on the three brothers behind the AMT coffee firm.The business is doing well but the brothers are at loggerheads and no one has the final say. Gerry confronts the brothers with the sorry state of their relationship – but his recommendations come as a shock to the brothers.

Episode 3: Splitting Heirs
Eighteen family members run the West Country’s largest fruit and vegetable wholesaler. Nobody is really in charge and the business has lost money for 15 years. Gerry pinpoints the problem but sends the family into civil war. Will they turn it around before it’s too late?

Episode 4: To The Manner Born
After 800 years of living in the splendour of Muncaster Castle, the Gordon-Duff-Pennington family risk losing their home forever. Gerry tries to unite two feuding generations into sharing a vision for the future of their stately home.

How to turn a business around - ruthlessly. Gerry Robinson is a straight talking businessman with a hard-nosed reputation that always precedes him. Companies such as Granada Television and Coca Cola have seen him get results at the highest level through his unique mix of lethal charm and the ability to say the things no one else would dare. The man famous for firing people in power tackles six different businesses in this series, ranging from a family-owned stately home to a car showroom that is haemorrhaging money.

Series 2

Episode 1: Soap Opera
He revamped Granada. Put the fizz back into Coca-Cola. Now charismatic, Irish business guru Sir Gerry Robinson turns his attentions to smaller, family-run operations. The first company in crisis is County Linen laundry.

Episode 2: Sleeping Partners
The Shire Bed Company is in a terrible state. Staff don’t turn up for work, the factory is in chaos and they’re losing money hand over fist. Sir Gerry Robinson attempts to reverse the fortunes of the company by searching for talent among the daughters.

Episode 3: Born To Rule
The Norwood Park Estate has been the Starkey family seat for 120 years. The current baronet, Sir John Starkey, is due to retire but with the estate’s three businesses under-performing, how can he safeguard Norwood Park for future generations?

Episode 4: Tyred Out.
Arrow Ford is one of the oldest Ford dealerships in South Wales. For the last three years it’s been losing money; Robin Harries, the owner, is a salesman at heart and may not be cut out to be a manager. Gerry tries to persuade Robin to give the two daughters more influence in the company.

Episode 5: Split Ends
The Rizzo brothers run some of London’s most glamorous hairdressing salons. The problem is they can’t agree on a new direction; Gerry Robinson finds the company drifting and directionless.

Episdoe 6: Checking Out
Gerry travels to Scotland to meet the family who run one of the country’s most successful small hotels. The Old Manor Hotel in Fife is run by Alistair Clark, who is frightened about what the future holds for the hotel because he doesn’t think his two sons are up to running it after he retires.



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